Necessaire trouver proprietaire numero de portable 0495235701 ou +33495235701 Ajaccio Corse

0495235701 ou +33495235701



0495235701 ou +33495235701

Wayne commentaire 24.08.2019
Mon répertoire téléphonique indique que cest Europcar 20000 Ajaccio, France


0495235701 ou +33495235701

Leonardo Salomon commentaire 22.08.2019
Quel est ce numéro inconnu qui ma appelé 22.08.2019


0495235701 ou +33495235701

Europcar commentaire 22.07.2017
These people are running a light scam business. They refuse to clean the care whatsoever and uses the time pressure of reaching flights to extort a 135 EUR fee from their customers (read: victims). When asking about where in the rental contract this is justified, the staff became aggressive and told me to "shut the f*** up" and stopped communication after that, merely saying that i forfeit the 135 EUR. This is the most appalling treatment i have ever received, from any business.

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